Credit union makes it easy for borrowers to apply for a personal loan and get the funds needed to cover their expenses. With a bank, the loan lending requirements are tougher to fulfill and you have to wait for a few months to get a decision. Many credit unions offer same day lending and release the funds quickly to the borrowers after the loan is approved. The following are the top 4 credit unions in Wisconsin that offer short term loans.

1. Summit Credit Union
Summit Credit Union was originally founded as CUNA Credit Union on the 17th September 1935 in Madison, Wisconsin. It has merged with a number of credit unions in the past including the Great Wisconsin Credit Union and the Journal Credit Union. The Summit Credit Union has 34 branch locations and a total asset worth of $2 billion as of 2015. Summit Credit Union offers low fixed rate personal loans with APR interest rate starting from 9.25% – 9.75% and a repayment term of 24 months – 60 months.

2. Community First Credit Union
Community First Credit Union was originally founded as the Appleton Credit Union in 1975. The Appleton Credit Union was later renamed to Community First Credit Union the 20th September 1983. Community First Credit Union serves residents that live around the northeastern and east central parts of Wisconsin. Founded in 1975, it now has more than 128,490 members. Community First Credit Union provides personal loans that can be used for covering any temporary expenses. It offers 1% discount for customers who make repayment by one of the 3 methods including direct deposit, automatic payment, and active checking account. The maximum loan term for a signature loan is 36 months with the APR interest rate as low as 8.74%.

3. UW Credit Union
UW Credit Union was first established under the name of University of Wisconsin Faculty Credit Union on the 29th September 1931. Over the years, UW Credit Union has grown its membership base to 224,000 members. Today, it is one of the top credit unions in Wisconsin and it possesses a total asset that worth $2.3 billion. It currently has 24 full-service branches in Wisconsin are UW Credit Union offers fixed rate personal loans with APR interest rate starting from 9.90% and a maximum repayment term of 60 months. UW Credit Union’s personal loans can be used for personal purposes such as debt consolidation and large purchases.

4. Connexus Credit Union

Connexus Credit Union offers personal loans with one of the lowest APR interest rate starting from 5.88%. You can take up to 5 years to pay off the loan. Connexus personal loans feature no application fee, prepayment penalty fee and same day lending. Borrowers who opt to use automatic payment will get a 2% discount off the interest rate. If you have an active checking account with Connexus, you will get a 1% discount from the APR interest.

Credit Union Lenders Operating in Wisconsin for Short Term Loans