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Love & Credit: More wacky Valentine’s Day financial news

Valentine’s Day credit and financial news continues to roll in from across the World Wide Web. Already today we learned that poor credit can be an impediment to love and that financial compatibility is crucial to relationships. What other weird credit news is out there for us this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a quick summary:

• Credit card company, Discover, reports that men say they will spend an average of $158 on Valentine’s Day gifts this year.
• The National Retail Federation predicts that $14 billion will be spent on Valentine’s Day by Americans this year.
BBC News reports that fraudsters are using Valentine’s Day e-cards to infect computers and steal identities.
• Cheaters beware: Private investigators report that Valentine’s Day is a good time to catch a cheating spouse by checking their credit card statements for undelivered gifts.
• Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a House committee voted to approve a bill aimed at protecting online date seekers from fraud and identity theft.
• A pair of sweethearts celebrating their 75th Valentine’s Day together recommend avoiding overspending. “[Couples today] go in debt too far right off the bat, and they have financial problems.”

Whew! I guess love and money really do go hand in hand, our team is working behind the scenes to find great stories about saving money and getting ahead in 2015. We are looking for interesting topics on finance, debt, credit cards, consumer loans, savings and credit scoring. Do you have a topic you would like to see us cover, please share in the comments section or send us an email.

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